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As an award-winning real estate agent, Jeanie is passionate about guiding buyers and sellers through complex real estate negotiations and transactions. A Texas native and college graduate from Austin, Jeanie’s knowledge of the area saves her clients’ time and tailors her clients’ criteria. Jeanie’s client-focused approach and collaborative spirit help her overcome objections and smoothly close deals.

As a child, Jeanie watched her mother grow her own business in publishing and marketing. As she grew up she constantly observed her mother interact with her clients with loyalty and a strong work ethic, which gave her a stellar reputation. Jeanie has integrated her mom's diligent work practices and caring attitude towards her own clients.

Jeanie began her career in real estate in 2006, quickly becoming a top producing agent and earned several awards throughout her career. Self-motivated and results driven, she earned real estate broker’s license. She took pride in her own business and developed a stellar reputation with her clients, just like her mom.

Giving back to the community is a passion of Jeanie, and something she credits as the foundation of her contagious positive energy. Jeanie is a member of the humanitarian Lake Travis/Lakeway Rotary Club and Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce Leadership Team and Ambassadorship. She is also an active member of Lakeway Church where she volunteers in multiple programs. When she’s not working or volunteering, Jeanie enjoys glamping with her twin girls and teenage boy, cooking, dancing, and (BEWARE!) trying to regularly beat up her 200lb, 6′ 3″ Karate teacher.

Aubrey's Designations

Aubrey Shaw, a real estate professional, holds the esteemed Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) certification, a mark of distinction from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). This certification signifies her expertise in advanced negotiation techniques and strategies, underscoring her commitment to providing exceptional representation and advocacy for her clients. With the RENE certification, Aubrey has demonstrated proficiency in understanding and navigating various negotiation types and phases, effectively utilizing communication skills tailored to different scenarios. Her RENE credentials position her as a skilled negotiator, equipped to handle the complexities of real estate transactions with finesse and efficiency.

Aubrey Shaw, a real estate agent, also holds the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation, which showcases her expertise in assisting seniors with housing transactions. This designation, awarded by the National Association of REALTORS®, indicates her specialized knowledge in meeting the unique needs of clients aged 50 and above. With her SRES certification, Aubrey is equipped to guide senior clients through important decisions regarding downsizing, relocating, or refinancing. Her training ensures she is sensitive to the financial and emotional challenges seniors may face when selling or buying a home, making her a trusted advisor in this specialized real estate sector.

Aubrey Shaw, alongside her other credentials, holds the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) designation, a notable achievement in the real estate industry. This designation, granted by the National Association of REALTORS®, signifies her comprehensive understanding and proficiency in various critical aspects of real estate. The GRI curriculum covers topics such as legal and regulatory issues, technology, professional standards, and the sales process. Earning the GRI designation demonstrates Aubrey's commitment to providing high-quality services and her dedication to staying abreast of the latest industry trends and practices. This advanced education positions her as a knowledgeable and reliable real estate professional, well-equipped to handle diverse real estate challenges and client needs.

Aubrey Shaw, in her pursuit of professional excellence in real estate, has earned the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program (TRLP) certification. This program, offered by the Texas Association of REALTORS®, is designed to develop leadership skills and enhance the professional growth of participants in the real estate industry. The TRLP focuses on community and organizational leadership training, providing real estate professionals like Aubrey with insights into effective communication, team building, and strategic planning. Graduates of the TRLP are recognized for their potential and commitment to serving in leadership roles within their communities and the real estate industry. Aubrey's participation in the TRLP demonstrates her dedication to advancing her leadership abilities, further equipping her to make impactful contributions in her profession and community.

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